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Top reasons to stage: Stand out from the crowd!

In a sluggish market, the buyers are kings (or queens) and you need to take each and every reasonable advantage you can get. If your house looks and feels attractive, the possible buyers will spot the difference and will want YOUR house.

Key Concepts

Interior Decoration
Why Stage with Us?

Did you know it takes a buyer typically just 3-6 minutes to walk through a house? We help to make those moments count!
Figures reveal that staged properties sell 80% quicker, for 6-14% extra money!

A staged house will always look far better on MLS, attracting more buyers to your door!

For instance your property was listed unfurnished and it took around 3 months to sell it unfurnished, By investing in staging your residence, you could sell just in 12 days! Preserving your valuable advertising & interest dollars. Properties we Stage have the look of a model home but give the sense of a cozy place to live. Engaging us is the ultimate step you have to take in order to turn the FOR SALE sign into SOLD.

Our services involve elegant furniture and accessories specially selected to perfect your property for exhibiting. By scaling back the furniture, homebuyers can see the space they are buying instead of fixating on the furniture.