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Home Staging: FAQs

What exactly is Home Staging?
Home Staging is the process of getting ready a house for sale. We are skilled in creating favorable impressions wherever the buyers eyes rest. Through featuring selling features, maximizing functionality and enhancing visual flow, we create an aspiration in the buyer to make your home their very own.
We adhere to a proven method for arranging furnishings, lighting, art and accessories, to make a favorable impression on buyers the minute they walk through the doorway.

Why should I use a Home Stager?
It's tricky to be unbiased when you are flanked by the items and furniture you love. It is tough to choose things to pack and what to leave displayed. We are trained to assist you concentrate on the sale, to spotlight the features and advantages to ensure that a buyer can see their very own treasures, their own furniture and their own life, right there in your living room!

How much does it cost?
Definitely less than lowering your price! Actually, the staging process helps you to be sure you don’t lose money; by investing in our services and implementing our recommendations your property definitely won't be on the market for very long.
Our prices start from $100 for a basic consultation, depending on the size of your property and the amount of work to be accomplished. Either call us and we can be more specific at 416.903.2420 or, complete this Staging Quote Request and we will respond ASAP. Bear in mind we always try to keep your cost down, and not have you do anything excessive.

Can I afford it?
If you decided to sell your house you cannot afford not to have it!
Our prices begin at $100 for a basic consultation. Studies demonstrate that by staging your property for sale, the return is an average of 6.3% greater than you would have gotten if not staged. In some cases clients got as much as 30% more for their homes.
For example you list your house for $400,000 and you spent $2,500 to stage it, when the time comes to sell, on average you'll receive $25,000 above you would have received if it was not staged. Many of staged properties end up selling over asking price.
When buyers chip away at asking price, they typically talk in many thousands. Staging protects the equity in your home, and doesn't offer buyers good reasons to try and chip away at your price. They walk in, fall in love and are ready to make an offer!

I love my decor! Why do I need to change anything?

Decorating is perfect for living, but NOT always for selling.
Staging with us, helps buyers see through your possessions and leaves space for them to picture their own belongings in your house.
When you decide to market your home, you must think of it as a product. Concentrate on your reason for selling. To achieve that goal fast, you have to detach, make your home a house, a product to package and market. We help you achieve that goal by making a practical plan and assisting you accomplish it fast to get your house on the market when you need it!

I have heard all houses sell eventually…Why should I bother?

Well, ask yourself, where do you see yourself in 30 days? In 2 months? it’s entirely up to you. The longer your home sits on the market the more likely your selling price will be lowered. In addition, it may restrict you from searching for your new home!
Buyers looking for their new home run to see new listings that are within their price range and desired location. Properties are considered "HOT" within 14 days of listing.
Now the question is how expensive is it costing you NOT to prepare your home for sale? If the house sits on the market longer than necessary it is costing you real money - equity is decreasing It costs money for marketing, advertising, continued mortgage, utilities and taxes.

Does it make a difference if my house is already on the market?
Preferably, you would want to stage your home prior to it going on the market. Properties are considered "HOT" for the first 2 weeks of listing.
If your property is already on the market staging will reduce any additional time it could sit.
Staging with us gets you TOP Dollar for your property, ensuring you don’t leave money on the table. Staging will make you money in any Market conditions!

What is the difference between Home Staging and Home Decorating?
Home decorating is for living, and takes into account YOUR taste, Staging is for SELLING.
While Decorating is all about making you feel great in your home, Staging is the art of making a BUYER feel at home in your house.
Staging will make your residence appeal to the majority of potential buyers. Once they are in your door you want them focusing on your property, not your decor.

What if I am working with a Realtor?
Fantastic!!! Realtors love to display well prepared properties. Realtors realize that a well prepared property will bring higher offers. Visually, the profile photos used in marketing your home in print and internet advertising will be more eye-catching and get more traffic at showings. your return, more offers!

If I don’t have a realtor, can you recommend someone to me?
Certainly! We work with many realtors in the GTA. We will be happy to suggest one in your area.

What are the differences between Home staging, House fluffing, property staging and real estate staging?

None, they are different terms describing precisely the same service of preparing a house for sale and enhancing its "visual value".

So what exactly is Home Staging?
Home staging is a range of techniques and a chunk of an art to get your house to look its best. It could be as simple as rearranging your furniture and accessories and making small fixes and as complex as renting and setting up new furniture, accessories and art, repainting and doing some other minor renovations.

Why is property staging important?
The home staging works, simply because 9 out of 10 potential buyers can not see through the decor and are unable to visualize the potential of a house. Clean, decluttered and well decorated home gives buyers a frame of reference and creates a "desirability" factor.

Why should I spend money on a house I am selling?

You should look at home staging as a possible investment which will pay back at sale time and not as an expense. By investing several hundred dollars, you will sell your home faster and also for more money. Even conservative figures show that staged properties sell in half of the time and for a minimum of 5% more than its non staged neighbors. And a feared price decrease will NOT be required! Keep in mind, staging costs a fraction of a price reduction and you will recover that money many times over at the sale time.

Can (or should) I stage my house by myself?
This is probably the most asked home staging faq s I've seen. Even some real estate professionals don't get the concept of home staging and the fact that there is more to it than just cleaning! The good news is that you can definitely do some work to prepare your house and lower the fee for a professional home stager. Please read our Home Staging Tips to see what you could do yourself. We still recommend the services of a professional home stager for the simple reason that it is extremely difficult to be unbiased about your own home and see it with the critical eyes of a buyer. People get used to living a particular way and stop seeing some flaws which could make or break a deal. And, sometimes, a bit of creativity and flair from a home staging professional will take your house one step further - from "OK" to "WOW".

When should I call a home stager in?
You can stage your home whenever you want. If you are not using a {real estate agent|real estate professional|agent}, you need to have a consultation with a home stager to determine what has to be done and prioritize the list, according to your budget. If you are planning to list your house with a {real estate agent|real estate professional|agent}, the best time would be to get your house staged prior to interviewing realtors - by showing your house at its best, you'll likely get a higher market estimate from a realtor as well as appealing photos for the web. But not to worry - even if your property is already listed, it is still crucial to stage it and get the agent to come in to re-evaluate it (and take new pictures!).

How and where do I find the best home stager for my needs?
Look on the Web to find stagers in your area. You can also ask some realtors, they might recommend a home stager to you. Once you identified some local home stagers, it's very important to get as much information on their experience and previous projects as possible. Ask for concrete facts, examples and references! You need to be comfortable with the person you'll be working with, so take your time and choose carefully. Don't let the cost be your only consideration...

My house is empty - should I stage?
Definitely! Empty homes are much harder to sell, you have to stage at least entrance, a master bedroom, dining room and living room.

I will be living in the house untill it sells - will home staging work?
Yes. It is harder to keep the house flawlessly staged at all times when you're living in it however it is possible to keep it looking uncluttered, clean and neat and make some last minute tweaks when a visitor is coming. All the ground work (uncluttering, cleaning, fixing, painting, etc) will make a HUGE difference in the look and feel of your property.

Do I have to stage the whole house?
It depends. If the house is furnished, as a rule it's not a huge job to declutter and rearrange existing furniture and accessories. For a few hours of effort and a couple of hundred dollars, the difference can be remarkable! On the other hand, if you are selling an empty house, it might be quite expensive to rent/buy furniture and accessories to stage the entire house. In that case, property staging of a few key spaces is all it requires - entrance, living room, dining room and a master bedroom need to be staged at the minimum. Remember, partial staging is definitely better than none!

How does property staging work?

As mentioned above, some preliminary things can be done by the seller, such as cleaning and decluttering (and then cleaning and decluttering some more!). On the other hand, a Home stager can offer these services as well, if you have no time or desire to do the work yourself. The initial consultation typically lasts 2-3 hours for a furnished home and you should receive a report/checklist of recommendations - what needs to be cleaned, decluttered, painted, repaired, moved, rearranged, added, etc. The Home stager can also help you prioritize that list according to your budget and time available. After that, you decide - will you accomplish all of the property staging work yourself, will you do most of the ground work and will have the stager help you with rearranging furniture and accessories and providing extra WOW factor or will you have the stager organizing and managing the whole project for you? All alternatives are good and depend on you!
For an empty house, the approach is different - the stager will need to help you choose, rent/buy and arrange the furniture and accessories to stage the house. She/he will need to come up with some creative solutions to minimize your investment and get the job done.

How much will the property staging cost?
Each and every situation is unique. Some big houses need next to nothing staging and some small ones could require a lot of work. But, as a rule of thumb, you should plan for 0.5% to 1% of the house price for property staging costs.